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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This is the first install of what will be a periodic, ongoing series on how migrate from Microsoft's Windows to other Operating systems. This first article provides insight in the much discussed Ubuntu Linux. "Were it not for Ubuntu being so easy to use in practically every way, I would not have written this article. But, as I've moved forward with it I've discovered a whole new world outside of a strict Windows environment. I think there are probably hundreds of thousands of users out there who are where I was: right on the verge of taking the plunge, wanting something more but not sure how to get it."
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by sonic2000gr on Sat 21st Jul 2007 06:42 UTC
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Migrating from Windows to Linux is not "a 24hour thing"
In fact, it took me about a year, it all started when I just wanted a free OS for my home server (which was running a "copy" of Win2003 at the time). It took me a few months to get comfortable with the new server setup, then Linux slowly replaced Windows in my main desktop. And it was not I was having any serious trouble with Windows either. XP works fine. If you are technically minded enough to maintain and program linux/BSD servers and desktops, you are obviously able to keep XP machines running smoothly. It is just that Linux offers you more things in *other* areas, and you may simply be tempted to try. And yes, I have a machine running Vista too...

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