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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This is the first install of what will be a periodic, ongoing series on how migrate from Microsoft's Windows to other Operating systems. This first article provides insight in the much discussed Ubuntu Linux. "Were it not for Ubuntu being so easy to use in practically every way, I would not have written this article. But, as I've moved forward with it I've discovered a whole new world outside of a strict Windows environment. I think there are probably hundreds of thousands of users out there who are where I was: right on the verge of taking the plunge, wanting something more but not sure how to get it."
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it's not that i have nothing against ubuntu in particular, but lately it seems like there's no Linux distro other than Ubuntu.
I hate this kind of pseudomarketing making us think that me must all use Ubuntu, Linux is about freedom, and not about making choices for you.

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