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PC-BSD The first beta of PC-BSD 1.4 has been released. "After months of hard work, the PC-BSD team is pleased to make available the 1.4 BETA release. This version includes many exciting new features and software, such as 3D desktop support via Beryl, KDE 3.5.7, FreeBSD 6.2, Xorg 7.2, new GUI tools & utilities, and much more." Get it from the download page.
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RE[5]: Wow!
by n0xx on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 01:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wow!"
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I wasn't confusing precompiled packages with PBIs. On Ubuntu, installing DEBs is as easy as intalling PBIs (double click, pass, ckick, done) except PBIs are bad. Saying that PBIs are nice because it makes the whole installation process easier is like saying that running as root all the time makes the installation process easier. It does indeed, but at the expense of security... without even mentioning the inefficiency and redundancy.

Autopackage a Linux distro agnostic package system is far superior to PBI, because it checks for dependencies and installs them using the your distro native package manager. Hence Autopackage is much more secure.

However nobody uses Autopackage because you can install stuff using repositories, which is much more convenient than having to search the internet for stuff. Period. If you think otherwise than either you've never used Ubuntu and its "Add/Remove Programs" tool or Synaptic more than once, or your part of that 0.001% of the population that thinks that installing stuff from repos is a bad idea, special when you can select alternate download mirrors with a click.

Hell, even clueless noobs say that being able to install apps and perform system wide upgrades from within an application is the way to go. Oh well...

2. Packages (very comfortable)

Standard issue on every distro, nothing to see here.

3. Ports (when compiling from source is intended or needed in order to compile with certain options)

Gentoo does that. It's a meta distribution, which means that you can stick it on top of your distro of choice, although i really have no clue if it will handle dependencies correctly (eg if it integrates with you distro native package management tool).

So yeah... I'll give some credit do FreeBSD. I'm definitely gonna try it out this summer. To bad PC-BSD doesn't support Gnome, otherwise I'd stick to that. Linux has many flaws, god knows it has... You can say that the lack of standard directory structure, package management tools, console administrative tools among other things are enough to drive a man insane. But you can't say it's hard do install stuff on Linux.

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