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Linux PolishLinux reviews PCLinuxOS 2007. "I must admit I am impressed by PCLinuxOS. And according to the distro slogan, which includes the two words 'radically simple', installation and configuration of the system is really easy, and the system is very friendly in everyday usage. Some of this 'radical simplicity' should be credited to hammered out details, and the system's elegant appearance (although this is a matter of individual taste). Regular users will find in PCLinuxOS everything they need 'out of the box'. Thanks to the consistency and the possibilities to configure the system with graphical tools (e.g. PCLinuxOS Control Center) this distro is close to ideal for those starting their adventure with Linux systems and migrating from Microsoft Windows systems."
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RE: my opinion
by AdamW on Sun 22nd Jul 2007 19:44 UTC in reply to "my opinion"
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Mandriva is hardly a 'big business organisation, with lots of personel, lots of money invested'. There's well under a hundred staff involved in Mandriva Linux, and, well, you can read about our finances. ;)

But anyway, your post is akin to saying - all these thousands of schmucks were involved in building Apollo 11, and Neil Armstrong was just one guy who beat them all and stepped on the moon!" It just doesn't make sense. If Tex was maintaining an entire self-sufficient distribution on his own, then you could say Mandriva is beaten by one-person driven PCLinuxOS. But that's not the situation. He's using Mandriva as a base and independently maintaining a subset of packages on top of it. Would you say that Canonical should fire all its employees because Linux Mint 'beats' Ubuntu, according to some people? That'd just be silly.

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