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Opera Software Opera 9.22 has been released; mostly a bugfix and security release. "We released 9.22 today and it's a recommended security update. There are changelogs for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/UNIX. Bit Torrent also received some nice improvements, so it should be quite a bit faster now."
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RE[3]: you are right
by msundman on Mon 23rd Jul 2007 04:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: you are right"
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> They're still serving you a security update for a free
> browser.

Well, I have given them monetary compensation and I don't require anything more than courtesy in return.

> If it's too much to bear that they're not updating
> the repo right away[...]

They claim that 9.22 is a recommended security update, yet won't even have one person spend the 30 seconds or so updating the repo. Apparently they don't recommend it very much.
What's worse, though, is the false sense of reliability. If they don't want to have a deb repo then fine, don't. Just don't have one and then not put "recommended security updates" there, possibly making those vulnerable who think they can count on opera's deb repo. Or at the very least put a warning on saying that the repo is not actively maintained and might be outdated and thus should not be relied upon.

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