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Windows Microsoft is planning to ship its next major version of Windows - known internally as version '7' - within roughly three years, CNET has learned. The company discussed Windows 7 on Thursday at a conference for its field sales force in Orlando, Fla., according to sources close to the company. While the company provided few details, Windows 7, the next client version of the operating system, will be among the steps taken by Microsoft to establish a more predictable release schedule, according to sources. The company plans a more 'iterative' process of information disclosure to business customers and partners, sources said.
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MS becoming irrelevant......
by obsidian on Mon 23rd Jul 2007 07:17 UTC
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Slowly but surely, businesses are starting to wake up to the fact that they don't have to pay the "MS tax" in order to get decent software. ( In fact, they're much more likely to get good software if they *don't*... ).

Operating systems - Linux, the BSDs, (Haiku should be pretty useful in three years too).
Office software -, Gnumeric, Abiword etc.
Browser - Firefox, Konqueror.
Prog. languages - Python, Ruby, Haskell, Perl
... and so on.

If I were negotiating with MS, I'd get a BSD or Linux CD in my hand, and I'd eyeball the MS guy and say -
"Ok, sunshine - you have one minute. Where's the value-add??? Show me the value-add!"

There isn't any.

Heck, MS can't even seem to learn from Apple (who have based their OS on a FreeBSD kernel).

Ok sure, MS will still be making a **container-ship load** of money in three years (heck, in *10* years!).
But they're still on the long downhill slope towards being more and more irrelevant.

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