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OpenStep, GNUstep CoreObject is intended to be one of the foundation pieces of Etoile. The current roadmap calls for an experimental version in 0.3, a stable interface in 0.4, and a completely stable version in 0.5. "What is CoreObject? Basically, it's a replacement for a filesystem as a programmer and user interface. Files (in the UNIX sense of the word) never were a good abstraction; an untyped series of bytes is no use to anyone. The operating system needs to deal with things like this, but programmers shouldn't have to. We already have a much nicer abstraction than a file; the object. Unlike files, objects have all of the structure and introspection that we want in order to be able to interact with them programatically. In EtoilE, we want to treat everything as an object, and objects as first-class citizens."
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Ridiculous. The ability to treat files as an untyped series of bytes is one of the best of all computing memes there ever were, and it's not going anywhere.

Er... indeed. Files won't go anywhere ;) -- adding new possibilities doesn't remove the existing ones ! And beeing "compatible" to existing codebase is why we are using Objective-C rather than Smalltalk...

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