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Legal "We can read the Linspire-Microsoft patent agreement now, or more precisely Microsoft's 'Covenant to Customers', and I thought it would be worthwhile to give it a close, line-by-line reading. I'll explain it as best I can, but ask your lawyer if it matters to you in a real-world sense. For our purposes here, let's just have fun with the worst deal I've seen yet in this category."
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Groklaw should be linked to more often
by b3timmons on Mon 23rd Jul 2007 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Groklaw?"
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You and Almafeta are wrong. Let's look at the facts:

1. Linspire and Microsoft are on topic for this website.
2. Linspire's agreement with Microsoft is an important example of how Microsoft is trying to interact with its competition.
3. Groklaw offers a legal analysis of the agreement.
4. Thus, linking to the Groklaw article is appropriate for OS News.

The analysis may contain errors, but apparently no one on OS News can find any, so instead the best critics can do is attack the messenger instead of the message.

Not only is the link appropriate, but OS News would be much better off linking more often to Groklaw when Groklaw comments on the major issues of software that matter to a significant part of the OS News readership. Indeed, free software use is growing in the OS market, Groklaw has played a unique role over the years in explaining some of the issues affecting much of free software, and so it is foolish not to make use of Groklaw.

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