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Gentoo "Over the past few days, I discovered that the Gentoo Foundation's charter is in the process of being revoked by the state of New Mexico, apparently due to regular paperwork not being filed by the trustees. What this means is that the Gentoo Foundation is currently hanging for its life by a string, and at any day could cease to exist as an entity. That is the very bad news. The good news is that I was able to talk to Grant Goodyear (trustee) this morning on the phone, and I have confirmed that Grant had received my email about the revocation issue that I sent 2 days ago and that he will be resolving this critical issue in the next couple of days by filing the appropriate paperwork with the state of New Mexico, and this paperwork will also remove me as President of the Foundation."
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RE: Please Explain
by b00gie on Mon 23rd Jul 2007 22:19 UTC in reply to "Please Explain"
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1.flames after flames among developers are a common view in mailing lists
2. there is no real work for something new that will bring gentoo forward. Almost nothing have changed from when drobbins resigned... no innovation
3. lack of developers or interest produce delays (2007.0 delayed sooo many times, kde is still 2 versions behind, gnome 2.18 just recent changed from hardmask to testing, livecd installer S-U-X just some examples)
4. developers resign one after the other.
Common reason "there is no fun any more"

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