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Gentoo "Over the past few days, I discovered that the Gentoo Foundation's charter is in the process of being revoked by the state of New Mexico, apparently due to regular paperwork not being filed by the trustees. What this means is that the Gentoo Foundation is currently hanging for its life by a string, and at any day could cease to exist as an entity. That is the very bad news. The good news is that I was able to talk to Grant Goodyear (trustee) this morning on the phone, and I have confirmed that Grant had received my email about the revocation issue that I sent 2 days ago and that he will be resolving this critical issue in the next couple of days by filing the appropriate paperwork with the state of New Mexico, and this paperwork will also remove me as President of the Foundation."
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RE[3]: Please Explain
by b00gie on Tue 24th Jul 2007 02:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Please Explain"
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If you're referring to stable arch then yes, maybe it is two versions behind but thats just the way things are is with Gentoo. People wanted a stable package level and thats what they got, gentoo has at heart always been about being bleeding edge so itś not surprising the stable packages are updated a little slowly and as someone else has pointed out you don't have to sit at either arch or ~arch, you can pick and choose.

i hope you understand that stable releases mean fewer bugs. It's not a feature or an advantage to delay so much to get stable version. Kde is 3.5.5 stable while almost all the other major distro have move to 3.5.6.
If thats how Gentoo works well, something is wrong (and wasn't always like that).
Bleeding edge in terms of a testing release is not a unique feature tou gentoo. Take fedora and upgrade to rawhide, there you are.
The point is that if you want to be at the bleeding edge like a whole distro then you have to make it stable before all the others, and support the new version from day one upstream release it.
But something like that demands more developers and some passion that i'm afraid they have lost...

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