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Legal "We can read the Linspire-Microsoft patent agreement now, or more precisely Microsoft's 'Covenant to Customers', and I thought it would be worthwhile to give it a close, line-by-line reading. I'll explain it as best I can, but ask your lawyer if it matters to you in a real-world sense. For our purposes here, let's just have fun with the worst deal I've seen yet in this category."
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by ubit on Tue 24th Jul 2007 03:44 UTC in reply to "Comment by elsewhere"
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"What they will enjoy, whether the FL/OSS community accepts this or not, is the ability to play MS media and use MS fonts."

Isn't that 1. already covered by gstreamer using ffmpeg easily downloadable or by buying Fluendo's codecs, and 2. by Microsoft releasing their TrueType fonts under a BSD-like license many years ago?

I disagree that the patent covenant is meaningless though, because it can force all suppliers (Linspire doesn't do much coding) like Red Hat into a patent deal with MSFT, were customers to demand it due to MSFT threatening to sue them if they didn't pay royalties. It doesn't seem like that's as plausible now though, because of blogs like Groklaw IMO.

Without Groklaw, the FUD of the mainstream press would have pressured Red Hat into a patent deal with MS under the guise of interoperability.

Remember how the press lauded SCO's case before Groklaw pointed out the absolute absurdity of their claims? The same thing would have happened.

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