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Gentoo "Over the past few days, I discovered that the Gentoo Foundation's charter is in the process of being revoked by the state of New Mexico, apparently due to regular paperwork not being filed by the trustees. What this means is that the Gentoo Foundation is currently hanging for its life by a string, and at any day could cease to exist as an entity. That is the very bad news. The good news is that I was able to talk to Grant Goodyear (trustee) this morning on the phone, and I have confirmed that Grant had received my email about the revocation issue that I sent 2 days ago and that he will be resolving this critical issue in the next couple of days by filing the appropriate paperwork with the state of New Mexico, and this paperwork will also remove me as President of the Foundation."
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RE[2]: farewell...
by WereCatf on Tue 24th Jul 2007 09:33 UTC in reply to "RE: farewell..."
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APT doesn't give you the ability to choose what features you want the installed packages to have. You just gotta stick with what you're given. I'm sure APT is a nice package manager and all, but in my book it just doesn't beat portage. Different needs and tastes for different audiences, you know? No point in arguing about which one is better.

My own thoughts about portage? Well, sure, I'd like it if I could just emerge stuff without having to wait several hours for the computer compiling stuff, but then again, I've tried a few other distros and never felt at home in any of them. Why? Well, I don't always know _exactly_ what's installed and what's going on, and some packages don't have the features I would like them to have. So, it's a trade-off for me. I trade fast installation of packages to a completely custom built system with just the features I want. Nothing more, nothing less.

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