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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Ubuntu Live conference began yesterday in Portland Oregon with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote presentation. Shuttleworth, the Ubuntu project's charismatic leader, discussed a wide variety of topics relating to Canonical's business prospects and the future of the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
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RE[7]: release synchronization
by zsitvaij on Tue 24th Jul 2007 19:19 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: release synchronization"
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"I don't have Total Commander. But Ragnarok Online, Starcraft, Skype, Daemon Tools, GTK, Gimp, Gtk-Sharp, Firefox, Crimson Editor, ActivePerl, Delphi, Cygwin, they all install correctly."

And I suppose Windows Update takes care of those as well, then? You're deliberately missing the point of whole-system package management. Installation is but one.

" If we are talking about HTTP then the conversation would be like this: "

You keep bringing up protocols and web servers, when you're debating the webserver internals. The 'problem' is a level removed from where you're projecting it.

"Well duh, of course that RFC doesn't exist and will not exist if you keep going in circles."

Tell you what, write up that Request-For-Comments, and I'll provide comments on it.

"No, I'm saying source compatibility isn't enough. Software between distros *should* be both source compatible and binary compatible."

From where I stand, it seems plenty enough. Upstream provides the source tarball, your particular distro makes sure it works within their environment and provide the binary package for your convenience. How does this not work?

It's not the same as Windows, but this isn't Windows.

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