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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Ubuntu Live conference began yesterday in Portland Oregon with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote presentation. Shuttleworth, the Ubuntu project's charismatic leader, discussed a wide variety of topics relating to Canonical's business prospects and the future of the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
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RE[11]: release synchronization
by zsitvaij on Tue 24th Jul 2007 23:09 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: release synchronization"
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"In other words, the same old "I'm using Gentoo/$FAVORITE_DISTRO and fsck everybody who uses something else" elitism."

It's "there's a solution out there for people bothered by this already" elitism.

(Firefox 2.0) != (Firefox 1.5 + security fixes)

See above.

"FooBarBaz 2.1 supports the new webcam that she bought, while 1.4 does not. So yes, not being able to upgrade right now *will* break the deal.
Or, a more realistic example: Firefox 2.0 supports while 1.5 has rendering bugs which prevents from being rendered correctly. Grandma is an avid visitor, and not being able to upgrade to Firefox 2.0 is a huge deal for her."

But then, you're not upgrading a distribution as you originally stated, are you? Because if that version does not meet her needs, it won't get installed, period. The newer $distro will, if it does. At no point does a needed update enter the situation. A newer WhatEver might provide more features, sure, but to even install a distro presupposes that it meets all requirements. You're arguing for a situation that will never reach that state.

"What does autopackage have to do with this? I didn't mention autopackage because it's not the topic. Now you're just finding an excuse to use personal attacks on me. What a poor way to have a discussion."

Pointing out you have a vested interest in the topic is a personal attack? Heh. Cute.

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