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Gnome "If you're a GNOME user I expect you're more than familiar with the panels that come as standard with your desktop; if you use openSUSE you're probably also familiar with the slab menu that Novell have developed. There are, however, several other applications out there that can extend and beautify your Gnome panels."
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Existing panels are excellent
by J.R. on Wed 25th Jul 2007 14:46 UTC
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Me for once actually love the existing panels as they are and do not want any replacement. Its just one of the things that makes Gnome as perfect as it is. However, I do wish they would fix the window list applet though. Kind of annoying that the buttons keep resizing. Or at least they could create a hidden option in gconf or something to make a maximum size and minimum size of the buttons regardless of their title-length.

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