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Linux "Con Kolivas is a prominent developer on the Linux kernel and strong proponent of Linux on the desktop. But recently, he left it all behind. Why? In this interview with, Con gives insightful answers exploring the nature of the hardware and software market, the problems the Linux kernel must overcome for the desktop, and why despite all this he's now left it all behind."
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I was contemplating posting about that myself actually.

I remember getting really excited about BeOS back in the days when there really wasn't any reason for me to even think about using anything other than Windows (but yet Be still managed to catch my attention somehow, and it even had me signing a petition to get Cubase ported to it).

So I was furious when I heard about Be's intention to totally abandon the desktop (or "focus shift" if you will) but I'm even more angry about it now.

If you look at what Be was doing in the 90's and how advanced the OS was, just imagine what it would have been capable of now, after 10 odd years of further development.

For people (like me) who are currently deeply dissatisfied with both Windows and nix based OS's, this really could have been a third way.

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