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Hardware, Embedded Systems The head of PC maker Acer, Gianfranco Lanci, has hit out at Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, saying that the 'entire industry' was disappointed by it. Few buyers have purchased new PCs specifically for Vista, Acer's chief says "The entire industry is disappointed by Windows Vista," the head of the world's fourth-biggest PC maker told the Financial Times Deutschland in its online edition on Monday. Never before had a new version of Windows done so little to boost PC sales, he said. "And that's not going to change in the second half of this year," Mr Lanci said. "I really don't think that someone has bought a new PC specifically for Vista."
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I've heard this before......
by embleau on Wed 25th Jul 2007 19:06 UTC
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Let's see New version of Windows is terrible, OMG it's sucks. No need to upgrade. It's SLOW. Worst version of Windows yet. This is the end of Microsoft...... I'm staying on my old version of Windows. I'm moving to Linux, Solaris, Mac, Unix...

Now.... when did I hear this.....

OH YEAH.....

6 years ago when Windows XP was released.....


True not all of us have the funds to upgrade our hardware right away, but Vista WILL BE the mainstream OS within a year or two. Why? As a previous poster pointed out, Joe SixPack just bought that new computer 2 years ago and sees no reason to upgrade, but Joe Sixpacks kids are going away to College. So he gives kids old computer and buys a new one... with Vista. Kids go to college and decide they want to upgrade old computer to Vista, they get student discount at college. Seeing the treadlines here?

Microsoft did not and does not expect Vista to be an overnight landslide success. I remember hearing stories in 2001 about people buying new computers and removing XP for Windows 98 or 2000. This is common... it's called CHANGE and people fear it.

For most of the people out there who have tried Vista with bad results. I believe most of you tried it with the preconception that it will fail for you, so you nitpicked it to death and then gloriously proclaimed that it SUCKS.

I'm typing this on a older Dell Inspirion 1501 running Vista Business with Aero on and it runs fine. It doesn't I/O thrash, it just .... works.. and works fine.

90% of the Vista problems right now is NOT Microsoft's fault it's the hardware manufactures and their slowness on putting out new updated Vista Drivers. When Vista first came out HP didn't have a full driver for my Network attached All in One Printer. Their website said, just add a printer and make a network port for the printers IP. Great... but then I can only print, not scan or fax. It took them 3 months to put out a driver. Is that Microsoft's fault? Matrox still hasn't put out good video drivers for Vista. Is that Microsoft's fault?

I know many people, including the company that I work for, that have migrated to Vista already and have had NO problems and have been extremely happy with it.

Does that make Vista the perfect OS? Hellz no! No such beast, not even Linux is perfect.

I love this site but at same time I hate it, but I keep coming back. Linux users like to beat their chests and claim they are "enlightened" or not a "lesser minded" user. But some of them are also the first ones to show their ignorance and blant bias without research. SOME not ALL, I do respect majority of the peoples OPINIONS here.

Sorry for the rant,

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