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X11, Window Managers "I've written a lengthy article covering what I learned during the last two years building the Xegl display server. Topics include the current X server, framebuffer, Xgl, graphics drivers, multiuser support, using the GPU, and a new display server design. Hopefully it will help you fill in the pieces and build an overall picture of the graphics landscape."
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re: The future looks great for X
by mormon on Wed 31st Aug 2005 11:13 UTC
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Windows GDI, as AES/VDI and other API's was build for PC's, and not for workstations and servers. That's way they was less complicated and scalable but for sure faster. So don't compare it.

I knew that it will be such discussion on this topic. Linux has too many admin and geeks users to make revolution in graphics subsystem. You are affraid of new things, you don't want to make progress.

About layers and levels of graphics subsystem. It would be better, and every programmer would say that, that it is cleaner, easier and consistent to develop for. This makes it more popular.

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