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Intel "Intel announced today that they're open-sourcing their cross-platform Thread Building Blocks 2.0 (TBB) template library. While the company contributes code to open-source project like the Linux kernel and drivers, the opening of TBB marks the first time that Intel has taken a commercial tool and open-sourced it, making it Intel's largest open-source commitment to date."
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At confrence / party
by ojh77 on Thu 26th Jul 2007 04:13 UTC
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I was at the release party Monday where James Reinders announced the release (and I scored a complementary copy of his book as an attendee). I was going to write an article but the draft showed I had too long a day and too many cocktails.

First off about license Mr. Reinders addressed the subject of forking and stated that Intel had no objections and that the code base should run its course naturally. Second it is encouraged to port to different OS/CPU architectures (but I assume a bias toward Intel CPUs).

The code examples where impressive, from my notes: The original demonstration ray tracer single threaded was 182 lines, Pthreads version added 143 lines and TBB added 17 lines. There was a brief reference to Lamda functions but he never came out and said that TBB is a FUNCTIOAL language addition, I guess it was too obvious given the audience.

I spoke with one of the other Intel engineers after the conference and he confirmed that the library is a set of functional programming templates combined with an actual back ground library that allocates threads across cores implicitly optimizing at run time.

I hope I understood what I said (I know, it is some heavy stuff) But that is what I can report as an attendee of the release party.

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