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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless PureMobile sent us in for a review one of Nokia's newest and most powerful handsets: the E90. The E90 is a Communicator-class device and very popular among businessmen, but also among system administrators too (one of our friends, sysadmin at Google, is using Nokia's qwerty/wifi devices specifically for SSH access). Read on for our review of the impressive E90.
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RE[2]: and Vs HTC Advantage?
by cromo on Thu 26th Jul 2007 12:19 UTC in reply to "RE: and Vs HTC Advantage?"
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Recently announced HTC Kaiser seems to be much more interesting. Honestly, I am a big fan of Symbian and using Nokia N80 myself, but this time I must confess that Kaiser running Windows Mobile 6 is likely to be much more proffesional solution.
Also regarding SSH and VOiP: Windows Mobile 6 comes with VOiP integrated. Also, there are few more SSH applications for WM, some of them featuring port forwarding which none of the AFIK two available Symbian ssh clients can do. - zaTunnel and zaTelnet. haven't used them, but they seem to be actively developed so might be worth a try.

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