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Linux "The news of Con Kolivas, a Linux kernel developer, quitting that role, along with an interview in which he explains why, could and should make loud noises around the Free Software community which is often touting GNU/Linux as the best operating system one could use, and not just because of freedom you have with it. In the interview he says certain things which should cause tectonic shifts in the mindset that we have all been having. Why didn't we realize these things before? As you can see, the article intrigued me quite a bit, and got me thinking about a better way forward for the Free Software OS. I'll go through some of the basic points that he makes and lay out one possible solution and its implications. However, take this article as just a discussion starter." My take: I have been advocating splitting the Linux kernel up (desktop, server, embedded) for years now.
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RE[2]: MacOSX
by czubin on Thu 26th Jul 2007 17:13 UTC in reply to "RE: MacOSX"
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Yes and no.

[do correct me if I'm wrong at any point ;) ]

Last time I checked, it was a hybrid.

A bit of history: the mach was essentially a bsd kernel where they started moving more and more stuff into userspace.

What apple did was, take an older mach release and move the bsd kernel parts that was in userspace back into kernel space.

So you got a mach kernel and a partial bsd kernel in kernel space.

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