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3D News, GL, DirectX "Dell knows it won't happen overnight, but along side wanting to ship audio/video codecs, Intel Wireless 80.211n support for Linux, Broadcom Wireless for Linux, and being able to ship notebooks and desktops with Compiz Fusion enabled, Dell would like to see improved ATI Linux drivers."
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Linuks Defense Brigade
by edwardyawn on Thu 26th Jul 2007 20:58 UTC
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The Linuks colonel is a mess. Bugs are being added faster than they are being fixed. You want to change the screen resolution, you have to recompile the whole damn colonel.

Linuks colonel Patch z745!*numb.23: "This patch fixes the interrupt queue at fork().z requests which gets sent to router b that handles sublayer system t which expects a zero return on the delayed pre-processor for channels 2 and driver layer qw that extracts the temporal handle rtu[]..." - YAWNNNNN!

Majority of Linuks nerds eat pizza, are still virgins, have never seen a naked woman in real life before, always wear black clothes, wear glasses and have no social skills...

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