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Intel "As suspected, the European Union formally lodged antitrust charges against Intel, accusing the CPU maker of using illegal methods to compete against its main rival AMD. "I can confirm the statement of objections has been sent," European Commission spokesperson Ton Van Lierop said in a statement given to Reuters. This action represents the culmination of years of antitrust investigation by the EU - and is likely beginning of a very unpleasant experience for Intel. While the exact Statement of Objection has not yet been made public, the EU charges that Intel used illegal methods to coerce OEM computer manufacturers to ship systems with Intel rather than AMD processors."
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RE: unpopular opinion
by Simon Gray on Fri 27th Jul 2007 14:45 UTC in reply to "unpopular opinion"
Simon Gray
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Don't condone a company that behaves unethically just because they happen to do things you like too. A monopoly situation benefits no one but the shareholders of said company. I like Intel's recent moves too, but if they're squashing competition by violating EU trade laws, then I don't have any issues with the European Commission punishing them.

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