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Hardware, Embedded Systems "This article briefly goes over six mini systems that you don't have to build yourself. They are an ideal platform for a project or for a silent system for simple tasks like checking your email. The intention was to find systems that are small, Linux-ready, and customizable, but price was factored in as well."
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by tsuraan on Fri 27th Jul 2007 18:41 UTC
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Has anyone seen a unit like one of these with DVI output? That would make an ideal X-terminal, I would think. I've always wanted to have a simple kitchen computer that's silent and small; just a touch-sensitive LCD with a tiny computer taped to the back, but I hate using VGA cables with digital displays. I guess it doesn't matter much, but has anyone seen one anyhow?

Edit: One of the commenters linked to - that looks pretty cool...

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