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Linux Rafael J. Wysocki (a suspend maintainer) has written an article speaking about the current status of suspend and hibernation support in Linux, its design, know problems, and future development. "Below is a document describing the current state of development of the suspend and hibernation infrastructure: how it works, what known problems there are in it and what the future development plans are (at least as far as I am concerned)."
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Linux Is Still Better
by pfsams on Fri 27th Jul 2007 19:47 UTC
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It's true that hibernation and suspend are not yet up to par, the advantages of GNU/Linux on laptops, and desktops are still better for the average desktop user. Linux is more stable and reliable, and uses less system resources than the "more popular" OS. Web browsing is easier, writing documents is easier, email is much easier, as is multimedia. I know I'm off topic a bit, and I know others will disagree, but I'm a "Linux Zealot" because I've used it for over three years, and it is far more user friendly than WinXP, I can't comment on Vista as I don't expect to use it. I don't know if there will ever be a "year of the Linux Desktop" for the masses, but for me the Linux desktop is now, and "suspend/hibernate" is not enough of an issue to me. It will be resolved, I can wait.

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