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X11, Window Managers "I've written a lengthy article covering what I learned during the last two years building the Xegl display server. Topics include the current X server, framebuffer, Xgl, graphics drivers, multiuser support, using the GPU, and a new display server design. Hopefully it will help you fill in the pieces and build an overall picture of the graphics landscape."
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RE: OpenGL
by jonsmirl on Wed 31st Aug 2005 14:45 UTC in reply to "OpenGL"
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If your hardware is not capable of drawing eyecandy at 1680x1050 it doesn't matter if it is being drawn with OpenGL or EXA. Turn off the eye candy or buy better graphics hardware.

OGL is the fastest API we have. If OGL can't do it none of the other APIs can either. Also, it is not correct to draw a comparison between a window manager doing translucency and one that is not and conclude that that means OGL is slower because the translucency is slower. Implementing trancluency is computationally more complex than old style window managers. It is probably the case that OGL is 2x faster but you have given it a problem that is 4x more complex.

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