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Bugs & Viruses A lot of people have been emailing us about an issue we are having with one of our ads taking over OSNews. Thank you all for emailing us, the information provided is of good use to us. We are currently working on the problem, and will let you know once it has been fixed. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience. Update by DA: I think that I've tracked down the offender. Read more for details Update 2: This time I think we really fixed it.
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Sunday afternoon, Firefox on Mac, just checking for news on, no AdBlock installed (yet!), and I was immediately greeted with a nice warning... Well, you know what I'm talking about. I was under the impression that the problem was solved?

But anyway, what should I do? I like to occasionally read OSNews. OSNews needs the money the ads bring. If everybody blocks the ads, then OSNews will have a problem.

But 20$ for a membership, for me that's just a bit steep for something I don't really need. And I don't want another membership I have to remember and think about.

Can't I make a small donation to OSNews? No strings attached, just to show I like this site?

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