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Gnome "During this years GUADEC Red Hat developer Havoc Pennington proposed his idea of an 'Online Desktop' to the developers of the GNOME project. Through deep integration with web services and 'zero-maintenance' the Open Source client aims to get the 'perfect window to the Internet'. During GUADEC Andreas Proschofsky had the chance to talk to Pennington about advantages and possible problems of the Online Desktop concept, the necessity of Windows-support and about Red Hats 'return to the desktop'."
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Agreed. If the network transparency (and anything else file related you can think of) is done by FUSE services then VFS and friends are completely deprecated.

What I would want is good integration with cashing file systems, Coda is an excellent example []. Also there are file meta-data APIs already in place on Linux and most other modern OSes. So why not expose any synchronization specific information as attributes that can be managed as part of the save/open dialogs for any file versions issues.

Beyond that at the application level there should be standard libraries like the Evolution address book server that can accommodate plug-ins that carry higher level data synchronization using Web services, mobile devices and what not. Again for any operations that integrate with the web move the function out of any specific application and create libraries and services that they can plug into, isn't that the sort of thing dbus was written for?

None of what is useful that I describe is so big that any fundamental changes are required in GNOME or any other DE.

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