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Microsoft "Red Flag Linux has turned out to be little more than a key bargaining chip in a high stakes game of commerce between the Chinese government and the world's largest software maker. Thanks to some major concessions on source code and a precipitous price drop, the Chinese government has now thoroughly embraced Windows and Office. And thanks to a major about-face in the way that it deals with piracy, Microsoft has also won over the Chinese people."
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RE: Missing details
by dsmogor on Mon 30th Jul 2007 11:32 UTC in reply to "Missing details"
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Unfortunately this is not how it works.
People will cry and buy Windows turning virtual monopoly into real one. They have long been hooked to MS even if they haven't paid a dime to it yet. This is a classic example how piracy immensely helps MS to gain critical mass market share in developing countries. It was exactly the same in Poland and is seen in many, many places.

Indeed, by being lenient to illegal sw distribution MS could efficiently counted the greatest linux adoption wave. As soon as it looks to be behind the tipping point the'll start pushing harder for copyright reform in those countries.

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