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BeOS & Derivatives "A few days ago, everyone read about this year's WalterCon being canceled, which left people with non-refundable, non-transferable [airplane] tickets (you can read Mikesum32's reaction here) in their hands. Fortunately for them, an alternative has now been set up, and they will be able to still meet, in San Francisco, on August 11th. The venue? Picnix 16, a Linux gathering. The name? FalterCon 2007. Read on for my thoughts on this."
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They have been taking notes
by DFergATL on Mon 30th Jul 2007 15:54 UTC
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They have been taking notes from ZetaOS. Never, ever tell anyone in your community what is going on. They may realize that you are not as smart and organized as you want them to believe.

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