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Gnome "During this years GUADEC Red Hat developer Havoc Pennington proposed his idea of an 'Online Desktop' to the developers of the GNOME project. Through deep integration with web services and 'zero-maintenance' the Open Source client aims to get the 'perfect window to the Internet'. During GUADEC Andreas Proschofsky had the chance to talk to Pennington about advantages and possible problems of the Online Desktop concept, the necessity of Windows-support and about Red Hats 'return to the desktop'."
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Online desktop?
by WereCatf on Mon 30th Jul 2007 16:49 UTC
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Hmmm, now let's see...There's several things that come to my mind that would benefit from online storage, like f.ex. when you log in to GNOME for the first time it could ask for your login and password on the GNOME Online Server and then fill in all your details, bookmarks etc from there. Perhaps even the login picture would just be downloaded from the server if you have saved one such for yourself before, like for example on another machine. But then, I wouldn't want ANY of my personal stuff accessible by others, and if the service became very popular and default on all distros I'm sure it'd attract a whole lot of hackers too..

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