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Gnome "During this years GUADEC Red Hat developer Havoc Pennington proposed his idea of an 'Online Desktop' to the developers of the GNOME project. Through deep integration with web services and 'zero-maintenance' the Open Source client aims to get the 'perfect window to the Internet'. During GUADEC Andreas Proschofsky had the chance to talk to Pennington about advantages and possible problems of the Online Desktop concept, the necessity of Windows-support and about Red Hats 'return to the desktop'."
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It's just a backend, just like it has a tracker backend, so you do have a choice. Use the regular search, use beagle search or use tracker, it's that simple.

It's called having the integration there ready so it can be used.

Either you're confusing two different things or we're just not talking about the same thing. You do know that it's a compile-time thing? If you compile Nautilus with Beagle enabled, then it depends on Beagle. If you compile it with Tracker enabled, then it depends on Tracker. You can't switch them at run-time. And f.ex. if Nautilus is compiled with Beagle enabled and you remove libbeagle then Nautilus will stop working..

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