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Debian and its clones SimplyMEPIS, a very popular desktop Linux, is going to change back to using Debian Linux for its core from Ubuntu. In March of 2006, MEPIS founder Warren Woodford, decided to switch to Ubuntu from Debian for the next version of SimplyMEPIS, version 6.0. The plan was to use Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Service), a.k.a. Dapper Drake, as MEPIS' foundation. Things have changed.
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RE[2]: Makes sense...
by SilentStorm on Tue 31st Jul 2007 06:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Makes sense..."
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The goal of the debian to be "the universal operating system". debian is a mouldable "substance" that can transform to anything you want.

Currently, I'm using it as my desktop system. our company uses it as servers and somebody embed it to somewhere while others distros use debian as a base.

If debian changes to desktop oriented, we lose so much things. Also debian serves as a "high profile" distro for old school people (or hardcore or you name it). I for one don't like ubuntu or whatever distro that uses major gui tools for everything because I write my config files, I read man pages and I like to struggle with my PC and the general result is a system which works in the way I like most.

If I need to polish my distro I can do it from top to toe. If I don't, I use icewm or no Xwindow system. If I want something special I can use vanilla kernel with any patchset. You cannot do it in suse for example.

So, debian is a huge underlying platform which makes development of desktop distros possible. why convert it to something lesser than itself?

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