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Linux The true reason for this article is to point out some sensitive points and to start a discussion. Hopefully, this discussion will produce some useful outcome and if some people in the Linux community are willing to listen to them, I would already be very enthusiastic. Let's start, shall we?
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UI Consistency
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 11th Jul 2005 17:45 UTC
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A lot of people here seem to think that "UI consistency" only relates to looks. Let me burst that bubble: UI consistency is about a lot more than just looks.

UI stands for "User Interface". This means that this also includes, but is not limited to, drag & drop, keyb. shortcuts, menubar order, menuitem order, etc. When looking at it that way, Windows and especially OSX, are a lot more consistent than Linux + DE. Heck, even BeOS is.

MS Office might sport a different look than other Windows apps (.Net, it's called), but that means fcuk all for the menubar order, menuitem order, keyb. shortcuts, etc. They're the same throughout the entire OS.

Same for OSX. OSX has three looks now (Aqua, Brushed, and that awful 'Plastic'), but the *behaviour* is the same, no matter which look is used for an app.

*That's* real consistency. I hope we can then give the author his point.

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