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BeOS & Derivatives Some interesting tidbits from the Haiku world. Firstly, the WebKit port bounty has reached its target, meaning Ryan Leavengood can get to work. Secondly, Vasper has made huge strides in getting CUPS ported to Haiku. And on a funny note, BeOS icons were used in the "24" TV show.
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RE[2]: Why CUPS
by vasper on Wed 1st Aug 2007 13:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Why CUPS"
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No, we will have a fully working OS, even without CUPS.

The Haiku kernel is not a port, it is a rewrite of the NewOS kernel (MIT licensed) that aims to be binary compatible with BeOS. All other parts of Haiku are written from scratch.

CUPS is an open source, GPL, cross platform printing system that supports 1000 printers. A port of CUPS to BeOS will bring choice of printing. Not of Kernel!!! If you don't want CUPS, don't install it... Just don't expect printer companies to write drivers for Haiku...

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