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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you're a Vista-wary Windows user who would rather switch than fight, should you move to a Linux distro or Apple's OS X? InformwationWeek asked a Mac fan and a Linux advocate to lead a guided tour of each OS.
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All about choice...
by CapEnt on Wed 1st Aug 2007 20:48 UTC
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Although i use opensuse and a software developer by profession, if in a parallel universe i'm a Vista-wary XP user (and only user that is, no computer related job) and hear any of these arguments, specially the ones in the second and thirty pages, full of technical and marketing terms, probably i will have choose to stay with XP.

Users fear what they don't know, and terms like "RAID", "X window", "virtualization" or "BSD system" doesn't help in anything.

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