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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you're a Vista-wary Windows user who would rather switch than fight, should you move to a Linux distro or Apple's OS X? InformwationWeek asked a Mac fan and a Linux advocate to lead a guided tour of each OS.
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my 2 cents
by kristoph on Wed 1st Aug 2007 21:31 UTC
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I would so love to say Mac OS X in answer to this question. I own a number of Mac OS X machines, mostly laptops, and it is definitely the best OS IMHO.

However, the fact that Mac OS X is tied to Apple hardware means that if I want a decent machine without an integrated monitor I have to shell out at least $2500 ... at least $1.5k more than a (admittedly lesser but still decent) Newegg build.

That price difference is what keeps Ubuntu and Vista (which I _REALLY_ hate) on some of my hardware.


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