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Apple I was there, the first day, buying the iPhone, after months of reading all the speculation and argument about it. I was actually on the fence on it. When I walked into the Apple store on June 29th, I wasn't even certain that I'd be buying the iPhone. I had some serious concerns. But I made the plunge. I bought it, and I've been using it heavily ever since. With one month clocked with the iPhone, here's my road test report.
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RE: i-What? ;-)
by ntl_ on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 05:33 UTC in reply to "i-What? ;-)"
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Apple's strongest suit has always been in designing human interfaces that people are not only willing to use but *enjoy* using.

The iPhone is the most enjoyable to use mobile phone/media player/web/mail/pda I have ever used, and I've used several.

Features are nice, but thanks to the multi touch gestures web browsing on the iPhone is not the frustrating and prohibiting experience it is on other devices. So, while multitudes of other phones have web browsers as a 'feature,' the iPhone is the only one which presents that feature in a form I can use.

GPRS seems to perform to me about as well as a well-behaving 56k modem. Browsing is pretty slow, but not horrible. I usually have an 802.11 connection anyways.

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