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Apple I recently bought a Mac Mini, And I thought I'd talk about my experiences in the transition from Windows XP to Mac OS X.
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RE: DVD writing
by MysterMask on Wed 31st Aug 2005 18:04 UTC in reply to "DVD writing"
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until you realise there is no pipe symbol on it, or curly braces or tilde (~).

I don't know azerty keyboards but I would be very suprised if this is true (e. g. on swiss-german QWERTY keyboards, you'll find | on [OPTION]+[7] and ~ on [OPTION]+[n], which is not obvious when you're used to Windows or Unix).

A good way to find symbols on the keyboard is to activate the input menu on the menu bar (in 10.3.9: System Preferences > International > Input Menu > "Show input menu in menu bar" ==> flag of the currently activated keyboard layout appears in the menu bar), then choose "Show keyboard viewer" from the menu unter the flag. Holding special keys like [OPTION] will show you the keyboard layout with special keys pressed.

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