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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y If you're a Vista-wary Windows user who would rather switch than fight, should you move to a Linux distro or Apple's OS X? InformwationWeek asked a Mac fan and a Linux advocate to lead a guided tour of each OS.
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RE: Depends on the user
by kefkathecruel on Thu 2nd Aug 2007 19:40 UTC in reply to "Depends on the user"
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That's funny. I can run pretty much any GNU software, X11 apps, Windows programs, and Mac OS X applications under Mac OS X. I've got Apache, MySQL, PHP, and all the goods.

My hardware feels like it was manufactured for the default operating systems and I have less limitations than other platforms.

Apple's Mac is ...

a. arguably one of the best user centric platforms
b. a platform for running Windows software
c. a platform for running Unix/Linux titles.

No other hardware/software platform can really claim to do these things. Sure you can kind of run Windows with a runtime under Linux or use virtualization but the Mac OS X w/ Parallels or Bootcamp offers far more versatility. Of course a large part of the GNU/Linux crowd believes feature parity equates to quality parity so this point will be missed by many.

I have bash, csh, tcsh, zsh ... everything Linux has alongside a nice graphical UI, solid APIs under a single unifying authority, and the ability to run Windows apps.

To talk down of the Mac as an "appliance" simply shows a very narrow minded definition and a willingness to misrepresent the facts on your part.

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