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Multimedia, AV Let's back up for a moment. It's 2007. Most geeks like you and me already use dual monitor setups with their multi-purpose desktop machines. However, have you ever asked yourself if that second monitor should be that old XGA LCD monitor from your previous PC, or a big, impressive flat panel television? sent us in an iLO 32" HDTV and we review it exactly as such: a computer monitor!
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and I can tell you that most will go for the size rather than the specs.

I'll refrain from making a horribly bad joke about size. Second to size, consumers will be a little more aware of what the i and p stand for. People interested in online HD content, Blue-Ray, HD-DVD, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, all combined are still less than the HD cable folks.

What annoys me is that some networks choose i over p and vice versa. So if there's certain cable networks that you absolutely must have in HD, that'll sway your purchase decision.

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