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Hardware, Embedded Systems Acer is planning to sell Linux-based PCs to the UK market, the company told On Thursday Acer contacted with the following statement: "At this moment in time Acer UK does not have a PC available with Linux pre-loaded, but we are looking at introducing one in the future." This appears to represent a reversal of Acer's previous statements on the matter, which suggested that the manufacturer had no plans to sell PCs here with a pre-installed open-source operating system.
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last touch...
by Kishe on Fri 3rd Aug 2007 06:15 UTC
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Would it be hard to code a translator that would make opengl compatible with Directx api commands?

That would make it super easy for windows programmers to port their software to linux and would end last reason for people to use windows.

I personally know many institutions and private people who'd change to linux in heartbeat if linux would have native support for directx.

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