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Hardware, Embedded Systems Acer is planning to sell Linux-based PCs to the UK market, the company told On Thursday Acer contacted with the following statement: "At this moment in time Acer UK does not have a PC available with Linux pre-loaded, but we are looking at introducing one in the future." This appears to represent a reversal of Acer's previous statements on the matter, which suggested that the manufacturer had no plans to sell PCs here with a pre-installed open-source operating system.
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RE: Slowly, but surely.....
by kaiwai on Fri 3rd Aug 2007 14:37 UTC in reply to "Slowly, but surely....."
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The only downfall I see to Linux becoming more popular, is that all those businesses that thrive on the pain of others, like anti-virus and spyware removal companies will be crying all the way because there won't be as many customers.

The question is - will Linux become popular or will Linux provide enough push for hardware companies to work with vendors willing to properly support alternative operating systems.

If Linux makes vendor start using hardware which uses opensource drivers or from vendors who properly supported hardware - it should also help at the same time *BSD's and OpenSolaris/Indiana in the process.

For me, I don't want Linux to dominate; I want it to be a choice in one of many operating systems end users can choose from. I want the ability to go off, purchase a laptop or desktop - and be able to install any operating system I want on it without concern as to whether it is properly/completely supported.

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