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Mac OS X "The advent of Vista and Mac OS X, along with the ascension of Linux, add new dimensions to a long-time controversy. Now more than ever before, the Mac OS is the most cost effective operating system of all."
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RE[6]: Heh
by Simba on Fri 3rd Aug 2007 23:56 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Heh"
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> Citations, links, proof, anything beyond "I can do this, trust me,
> it has to be true". ;)

* Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz with motherboard
* 4 Gb RAM (four times what the Mac Pro has)
* 500 Gb SATA hard disk (double the hard disk space of the Mac Pro)
* nvidia GEForce 8800GTS 640MB (far superior to the 7300 GT that the Mac Pro comes with, as well as more than double the video RAM.
* Dual 20x DVD-RW drives (The Mac Pro only comes with one. And it is only 16x)
* Antec Sonata III case with 500 Watt power supply

Total cost? $1252.40 USD

That's right around HALF of what the Mac Pro costs.. (The Mac Pro is $2499 USD) And the system I just speced out for you is vastly superior to the Mac Pro. Although the processor is slightly slower (2.4 Ghz, as opposed to 2.66 Ghz. An insignificant difference), the extra specs of this system more than make up for it. The system I speced out has 4 times the RAM, double the hard disk space, a far superior video card both in terms of speed, and the fact that it has over double the video RAM of the Mac Pro. And you get two DVD-RW drives, which are faster than the one that comes with the Mac Pro.

PC hardware prices have plumetted since Apple came out with the Mac Pro. But Apple has not lowered their prices.

btw, the system I speced out is one I put together at I have bought a lot of stuff from them, and am very happy with their service.

As I said, and have now proven. Apple can't even compete in the high end market. They can't even come close.

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