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Mac OS X "The advent of Vista and Mac OS X, along with the ascension of Linux, add new dimensions to a long-time controversy. Now more than ever before, the Mac OS is the most cost effective operating system of all."
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re[9] Heh
by Simba on Sat 4th Aug 2007 00:26 UTC
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Just for fun, I upped the specs of my system. Here are my changes:

* 6Gb of RAM
* 1 Terabyte of hard disk space
* Quadro FX 5500 1GB GDDR2 video card.

I'm still only at $3,598.26, which is $1,500 cheaper than the Mac Pro... And my video capabilities now far exceed anything Apple can even provide. Apple doesn't even offer a video card that high end for the Mac Pro.

We can continue this if you would like. But Mac is going to just keep losing. Like I said, I've already speced out the video card to higher than it is even possible to go on a Mac Pro.

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