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SkyOS SkyOS beta 6762 has been released. "SkyOS Beta 6762 is now available to download directly from the Beta Center. This build features the new Viewer, a huge performance increase, 36 additional API Classes, updated libraries, a new font alpha blending method, 280+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes."
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RE: My only problem.
by zizban on Sat 4th Aug 2007 17:15 UTC in reply to "My only problem. "
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Yes they have made great progress but the main reason for that is they have no user base.

If they had a user base they would get a LOT more complaints about issues etc.

That's why its not an open beta. Robert is only one man. Can you imagine the backlog of bug reports?

They have maybe a few thousand beta users (Me being one of them) who paid to beta test and have been waiting for 2 years or so for an actual release to come out.

Robert is only one man and he never promised a release date. Remember, he has a day job.

Someone said this was not a hobby OS? I am sorry Ubuntu is not a hobby OS. They have a set release cycle, they have support, it can be used for business purposes etc.

Even PC BSD now has a release cycle, support and puts out actual releases.

It is a hobby OS with the intention of becomming a retail OS someday. That's the goal Robert is working to,

Sky OS is cool but just like ReactOS it seems that it will always be beta and never actually become a useable OS with a regular release cycle, real support etc. I don't think Robert and crew really want to be in the business of supporting an OS with a growing user group etc. Providing support etc. Right now if something doesn't work, you submit a bug track and they get to it when they get to it. It's beta anyway.

How long have OSS oses been in Beta? Let's see, Syllable, years, Gnu HURD, decades. Reactos, years. SkyOS is hardly the only case of a long beta cycle.

Yes Robert gets to it when he can. So?

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