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SkyOS SkyOS beta 6762 has been released. "SkyOS Beta 6762 is now available to download directly from the Beta Center. This build features the new Viewer, a huge performance increase, 36 additional API Classes, updated libraries, a new font alpha blending method, 280+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes."
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Appart from the fact that SkyOS and Syllable seem to use both Doxygen to produce their api documentation,

The two classes do NOT look the same at all.
Beside, please notice that :
1) Robert AND syllable might have looked for a MIT/BSD/whatever common source for inspiration (or not).
2) there aren't that many logical ways to implement a rectangle class as the operations you want to do on them (for a gui purpose).
And well, for gui purposes, I would expect to use "point ", "rect" names for variables.

About the via Rhine driver : a quick google search gave me these answers on this page

Could the owner of the via-rhine driver entry please let me know the best way to contact them (your email address bounces back). I've rebuilt the driver from source and added the via-rhine.h entry discussed here, along with the entries for the via-tahoe cards from Bedriver, and it has helped my connections tremendously.

Thanks in advance,


Got in touch with Richard Houle today, he confirms his driver was released under the BSD license, so it's free to be used as we wish.

Looks to me that the via Rhyne driver you are talking about (is this the one ?) is BSD code...So, basically, you are spreading F.U.D. and making a dangerous kind of false accusations out of the blue.
And you might just have made them after having diffed things and googled a bit WITHOUT making a proper lookout for licence facts, a process that took you 2 minutes.

Well, IF the previous paragraph is true, I really want to kick you hard in the nuts.

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