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OSNews, Generic OSes BlueIllusionOS 0.08 has been released (get it from the download page). The author wrote to us: "It sports a GUI with window composing capability & support for translucent windows, TCP/IP Stack, ext2 FS and ISO 9660 FS, various applications, as well as a program to play mpg1 movies (mpgplay - a port of mpg2player). All the settings in this OS are done via xml files." The about page tells us a little more about the goals and kernel: "BlueIllusion is a micro kernel based operating system, which operates on the Intel x86 architecture. It uses some features like paging to some excess to get work done. Other things like TSS-based hardware task switching aren't used. It will - in the future - have a graphical user environment, which I intend to be analogous to the MacOS 9 GUI, with a menu bar that appears when moving the mouse to the upper border of the screen - as well as support for a right-click-popup menu under the mouse at needs."
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by mmebane on Sun 5th Aug 2007 15:20 UTC
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Please don't use a 270KB BMP as a thumbnail on your home page. You could trim that down to a 20KB JPEG easy.

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