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OSNews, Generic OSes BlueIllusionOS 0.08 has been released (get it from the download page). The author wrote to us: "It sports a GUI with window composing capability & support for translucent windows, TCP/IP Stack, ext2 FS and ISO 9660 FS, various applications, as well as a program to play mpg1 movies (mpgplay - a port of mpg2player). All the settings in this OS are done via xml files." The about page tells us a little more about the goals and kernel: "BlueIllusion is a micro kernel based operating system, which operates on the Intel x86 architecture. It uses some features like paging to some excess to get work done. Other things like TSS-based hardware task switching aren't used. It will - in the future - have a graphical user environment, which I intend to be analogous to the MacOS 9 GUI, with a menu bar that appears when moving the mouse to the upper border of the screen - as well as support for a right-click-popup menu under the mouse at needs."
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microkernel? Who Cares?!?
by hibridmatthias on Mon 6th Aug 2007 17:04 UTC
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Sweet...a new microkernel based OS...

A word of advice to this gentleman or any who choose to tread on new ground: Ignore anyone who whines about the microkernels/performance line of thought... nowadays hardware can handle it, and if not, screw the hardware people...

You have an itch to code...scratch it with whatever backscratcher you want...and enjoy the scratching!

I am curious about what filesystem it will be using or compatible with...or will/does it use its own....

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