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Window Managers Openbox 3.4.4 has been released. "Openbox is a minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support. Openbox lets you bring the latest applications outside of a full desktop environment. Most modern applications have been written with GNOME and KDE in mind. With support for the latest standards, as well as careful adherence to previous standards, Openbox provides an environment where applications work the way they were designed to."
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RE[2]: Two queastions:
by lemur2 on Tue 7th Aug 2007 10:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Two queastions:"
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deb2006 said: "2. I have tried it with Gnome, and I don't see any benefit..."

Exactly my experience with all the *boxes: no benefit, didn't feel any lightness etc. If you wanna fly use WMI or DWM.

It is not the Openbox WM (or even GNOME's WM metacity) that is the problem, it is the GNOME desktop itself.

If you want to fly (even on old hardware), then [ (Openbox or metacity or sawfish or xfwm4) + (fbpanel or lxpanel) + (rox filer or pcmanfm) ] is a perfectly acceptable approach to a lightweight desktop.

Once again, it was not Openbox that caused the lack of benefit that deb2006 reported, it was the "tried it with Gnome" bit that caused the lack of benefit. deb2006 did not replace the resource-hog software (Gnome desktop) that was causing the sluggishness.

Replacing Gnome's metacity WM with Openbox WM, or even for that matter with WMI or DWM indeed won't have any benefit.

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